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Book endings that were spoiled for me.

RYTSAS! Apparently, you can find an English to High Valyrian translator on Google now, tHaT's CoMPleTely NoRmaL. So, till now 11th grade is pretty much awesome, I made some new friends, I'm (shockingly) caught up with most of my work and the lessons are really interesting (except sociology). Anyway, by reading the title of the… Continue reading Book endings that were spoiled for me.

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Book Review: All the bright places🌸

Hey guys! First of all, Happy pride month ya'll🏳️‍🌈🌈 Secondly, I'm back from the one month unannounced hiatus, I tried to type out posts when I was in USA (which I will be writing about in different posts) but I just couldn't. When I decided I was gonna write a book review, I realized I… Continue reading Book Review: All the bright places🌸

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Books I wanna read-tag!

Konnichiwa! Everyone knows what language that is. Japanese, in case you didn't. I've been taking Japanese lessons from Duolingo, I have conveniently skipped taking lessons for the past 2 days and the owl won't stop spamming notifications on my phone. Why did I skip the lessons? On Friday, I had to go to end game,… Continue reading Books I wanna read-tag!

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My favourite YA standalones (part 1)

HOI! That's hi in Dutch. I'm officially on vacation, after surviving one week of 11th grade, which was actually pretty awesome, we have like 18 people in our class, something I thought I would never witness in my school. I mean we had like 40 people in our class last year. But, even during vacation… Continue reading My favourite YA standalones (part 1)

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Things that make readers happy.

Hej guysss!!! That's hi in Danish. Look at me being a good girl and posting on time. So, my school starts tomorrow, but, it's for like a week and then we have a vacation for a month, it's pretty much pointless, then again, our school makes some pretty useless decisions. Anyway, let's just get started-… Continue reading Things that make readers happy.